Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur:

Learn How to Successfully Create, Execute & Sustain Your Life’s Purpose

Become a limitless leader and unleash your greatness. Follow my proven success strategies to help form, build and run your own business. Trust your intuition and share your purpose with the world.

Pleasure is profit!

Ready to Understand What Success Truly Means for You?

How it works:

There will be 12 videos of guided learning by Dr Sarah Renee Langley.

This course is a deep dive into yourself. Be prepared to ask some difficult questions and listen honestly to your answers. 

You’ll receive a Welcome email & video along with a link to download your personal F.E.D. workbook.

We’ll also go over accountability because you only get out of this course what you put into it.

Accountability matters!

Using Dr. Langley’s proven success formula LEAD, you will : 

-Look for the barriers and blocks preventing you from having Limitless Success & Happiness

-Evaluate the situations, beliefs, behaviors, and actions that are limiting you

-Activate your strengths to be who you truly are, and do what you truly want

-Demonstrate a clear and attainable plan of action with your customized blueprint to success & happiness

Watch the videos and begin your transformation process. By the end of the course you will learn how to have breakthroughs in your career and business.

Enroll in Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Development and you’ll work through each module to:

-Put yourself in the right mindset to run a business

-Understand your why and purpose

-Build a solid foundation and framework

-Create and form your business

-Establish it as a leader in your market

-Build a high-performance team

- Successfully sustain your operation

It’s time to unlock your limitless power, unveil your true beauty and unleash your greatness!

Dr Langley is so passionate about helping women    learn how to prioritize themselves and succeed, she’s offering this life-changing course and all of its materials at the deeply discounted price of…     


You’re a real go-getter who’s not afraid to take risks to get the job done. You’re a high achiever with even higher expectations.

You love to do everything because you want it done right, but sometimes a good leader needs to know when to let go, trust her intuition and team. 

During this step-by-step online transformation experience, you’ll be guided by the leading expert in limitless leadership, Dr. Sarah Renee Langley. Work together to learn how to build and sustain a successful business that serves your purpose and brings you joy.

Using her proven Business Blueprint and Mindset Mastery Framework, Dr. Langley will show you how to redefine success and happiness on your own terms.

 Become a limitless leader, and your business will experience limitless opportunities!

Who is Dr. Sarah Renee Langley?

Award Winning Global Speaker, Psychotherapist, Leadership Expert & Best Selling Author Founder of LeadHER International dba Limitless Success Solutions

I work with highly accomplished female leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers who are redefining the traditional ideas of success and happiness on their own terms without guilt, fear, or sacrificing themselves. My limitless leaders dig deep to find their truths, work hard to improve their self-worth, and make themselves a top priority in their personal and professional lives.

-I’ve counseled, coached, and consulted with nearly 100,000 people

-My corporate client list includes: Comcast, Verizon, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, USPS, Dupont, ExxonMobile, Walgreens, and more

- I’ve been featured on Good Morning America, NBC, CBS Radio, Fox, ABC, Huffington Post, TEDx & Medium

How Much Is Your PURPOSE Worth?

What You’ll Get When You Enroll:

12 videos of guided learning & business blueprints- Worth $997

1 Downloadable Workbook With Journal  Prompts-  Worth $150

Lifetime access to all of the videos and worksheets

Exclusive access to Dr Langley’s private Group, Limitless Her Way.

Total Worth: $1,147+

There is no harsher judge or critic than the one that exists within. There are no greater obstacles to success than the ones you create for yourself.   Successful women often struggle silently with insecurity and self-doubt. Because they don’t trust their own abilities as a leader, they don’t trust others to get things done properly.

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” -Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook)

Unlock Your Limitless Power & Live a Life That’s Worthy of You!

Here’s what Berny Dohrmann Chairman, CEO Space International has to say about working with me:

I highly recommend to women entrepreneurs and executives who want more success but are missing their ability to be happy in the process. All who join will profit and benefit from the secrets and wisdom Dr. Sarah provides. Dr. Sarah challenges the question marks that resonate in many minds, “Am I doing this work as a legacy for someone else? What do I wish to do so that my life absolutely thrills me?” Dr. Sarah helps you begin the process to start including yourself in the equation without guilt, worry, or apology. Dr. Sarah helps you learn how to have real conversations with yourself about your life, and encourages you to ask the hard questions about where you are right now, if you are happy, and what success truly means to you.Dr. Sarah also empowers you to seek your Why, or in other words, to seek your true authentic self, your true calling, and the reason of your existence. I see this is a work of divine appointment that is an answer to prayers everywhere!

Invest in your purpose and live your truth!

What I know

Work with me and your life will be better.


By deliberately challenging you to step outside your comfort zone, and truly listen to what your heart is saying. As a clinical psychotherapist, I’ve spent years studying the inhibitors and motivators to success and happiness. I have no problem disrupting your patterns and challenging you. Holding you accountable and encouraging you to dive deep into the things you’ve buried. Then helping you emerge from those inner prisons, liberated, and unburdened of your doubts, insecurities, and masks. You may not like me during the process, but you’ll love me for the transformation, experience, and results that you get afterward. My job is to help you be in the business of your dreams, make money from your purpose, further your message, and expand your reach so that you can simultaneously live the life you desire and deserve.

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What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up through our secure order form, you’ll receive a Welcome email to confirm your registration and give you log-in access to your course. After that, you’ll be able to download your workbook, accountability sheet. You’ll be able to access a new module and training videos. 

How is this course different from all of the other self-help online courses?

Dr. Langley has over 25 years of clinical experience and has worked with several Fortune 500 companies as a corporate consultant. She’s developed her Mindset Mastery Framework based on success strategies proven to work for countless women across the world. She is the leading expert in limitless living!

How much time should I commit to this course?

The modules are designed to let you progress at your own pace. Personal transformation requires dedication, and the ability to forgive yourself when you start slipping back into old patterns. The most important part of this course is carving out the time to sit with yourself and just listen. 

What’s the refund policy? 

If you're unhappy for any reason, we'll give you your money back. Just send us 60 days of your completed assignments to receive your refund.